Veterans Preference

Working to Uphold Your Right To Veterans’ Preference

The fact that you qualify as a veteran means you have given one of the greatest gifts you could ever give to your country. This is why benefits like Veterans’ Preference were created – so people like you could have an easier time transitioning back into the country you call home. This is why it it especially frustrating to the attorneys in our firm when eligible individuals are not given the rewards they deserve for their service.

We Are Here To Assist With Your Veterans’ Preference Concerns

Your veteran status entitles you to benefits when seeking federal employment. Minnesota also has a Veterans Preference Act that allows you to use your benefits to obtain local and state level government employment. While this does not apply to every single government position, it does apply to many. When you are trying to get back on your feet in civilian life this benefit can make a big difference in your access to quality employment.

Unfortunately, sometimes things go wrong with the system. You may know that you have benefits coming to you that will help you seek government employment, but you may run into obstacles when trying to take advantage of those benefits. When your rights have been violated under the Veterans’ Preference Act, our legal team can assist you in fighting back. We believe you deserve everything you have earn for your service, and we will help ensure that you get it.

If you believe your Veterans’ Preference rights have been violated, please contact our Minnesota military law attorneys now to learn how we can help.