Discharge Upgrade

You may want to upgrade your discharge for any number of reasons. You could be having trouble finding a good job or you could want to re-enlist and currently be prevented from doing so. You may even have an overwhelming desire to put forward the truth as you see it. No matter why you want to upgrade though, you will quickly discover that the process remains the same no matter what your reasons are. Fortunately, it is a process we can provide legal guidance for and one that we can hopefully make more efficient.

The Process of Upgrading Your Discharge

As long as you have been discharged within the last 15 years, you should be able to get your case reviewed by the Discharge Review Board (DRB). The Board for the Correction of Military/Naval Records (BCMR/BCNR) will typically only review a problem with a discharge within the past three years. Which group you petition will depend on your circumstances.

To have your discharge upgraded you will need to demonstrate to the board that there was an error or injustice in the initial decision – typically through documents, military records and/or witness testimony. This is where the help of a good military lawyer can come in handy. Considering that it takes up to 12 months for the review board to make a decision, you want to make sure all your evidence is collected and presents a strong argument – something we can help you with.

If you would like to seek a discharge upgrade, please contact our firm today. Let us help guide you through this process and set the record straight.