Criminal Defense

A court-martial or criminal conviction can wreck the life of a service member. Far too often the rights of the accused are trampled on in the process of criminal investigations and prosecution, something that seems especially unfair when you consider all you have given to your country. Let our firm help ensure that this does not happen to you.

Standing Up for Military Members – In St. Paul and Throughout Minnesota

When you stand accused of a crime your first action should be to call a lawyer. While you may have the option of choosing counsel appointed by the military, often this is not the most effective way to build a strong criminal defense. The appointed counsel is often too busy to give you the best legal defense. This is why it always makes sense to seek out the best criminal defense lawyer you can find – one with ample military law experience.

Our firm has helped numerous military and former military members stand up for their rights in criminal cases and courts-martial. We know the system and we know what it takes to win cases for our clients. With two attorneys so closely tied to the military, we have a personal investment in protecting service members. Let us do what we do best and build you a strong criminal defense you can rely on.

Contact us now to get started on your case. The sooner we begin the better chance we have of achieving a positive outcome in your criminal case.